Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Write, Write, Write: My Dream.

When I was a girl I loved  to read.  I especially loved books about ballerinas. I would be transported to the world of dance.  Those I read about had lithe bodies that desired to be prima ballerinas.   I read of their struggles, hard work and successes.  When I was reading I could imagine myself in the middle of the story.

Over the years I've been a voracious reader and I've felt the pull to write.  In the past 2 years There has been much starting and stopping.  Life interruptions have put me on hold time and again. I was looking at the end product instead of the small step, taken one after another where God leads me, guided by His story.

God's timing is perfect.  Holley's charge to us to take this journey together each step of the way toward the realization of God's dream, is going to be life changing for all of us.

Now is the time.....step one.

Thank you Lord for my sisters..those who are lovers of Jesus ready and willing to encourage others to love Jesus more and in the loving discover who we are in Him and the dream He has for each.

Expecting joy as we go!

With His love, Judy


  1. Judy, can't wait to read more of what God has laid on your heart!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Looking forward to your journey.