Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Good morning dear sisters, 

I've been reading your posts from last week and a couple from today's link-up.  You all are inspirations to this writer. 

Last Tuesday I was playing catch-up from the previous week and then during the weekend spent nearly two days at the hospital with my husband and I missed the deadline.

Our assignment from Holley was to spend some time during the week to: "play" "have fun" ..stepping away from my "havetos"..  re-energize, laugh, laugh, laugh!

On Tuesday our weekly bible study finished our study of Romans Eight and as we discussed what the last lesson and the entire six weeks meant to us.  We found ourselves laughing, smiling and laughing again.  Most of us have known each other for a long time.  Much love and acceptance is shared with one another while we dig deeper into the Word of God.

As we closed the study, we spent time praying for each other.  Our hearts nearly broke for our precious sisters who have been walking  difficult roads; one watching her husband's health challenges over more than 2 years now and the other grieved over the brokenness in family relationships.  Tears flowed as we cried out to God for His comfort and grace for our sisters.

Lunch completed our time together and laughter once more filled the space where we sat.  Life, lived with passion in our Lord's world!

This time with these precious sisters of my faith laid the foundation of God's strength that He knew I would need at the end of the week!


Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift of love to the world when He gave His Son that we might have LIFE and have it abundantly!

Loving Him and loving you,

P.S.  My guy is recovering from a mild stroke and doing well.  The entire time was an amazing display of God's grace and power.  Will fill you in later.  And don't forget to check out the God-Sized Link today and read some of my sisters posts.


  1. Oh, sweet friend...I'm so thankful that your husband is doing better. I'm sorry that this happened but thankful for the healing our Father brings! Community is such a blessing...and I'm glad you were surrounded with such incredible love and encouragement this past week. God is Good. :) Blessings and hugs, sweet sister!

    1. He is doing better..thank you so much for praying for us.
      I know I'm blessed with a community who surrounds me with the love of Jesus ands very grateful. Now the Lord is enlarging it with my sister dreamers...I nearly cry when I think about it. I was doing a "good" job getting myself stuck when it cam to my writing and along came Holley..you, and our many sister dreamers who inspire and encourage me to press on! Praying for you and your family today dear Mel.

  2. Prayer being sent up for your husband and you. Thankful that he is on the road to healing. I loved hearing about you community of sweet sisters. There is just something about laughing and crying with other women that releases our burden.

    1. Thank you so much Amy for your encouraging words and prayers. They mean so much to me. God is so good to give us precious sisters to surround us with His love!! Have a wonderful day...and remember that every day with Jesus is better thn the day before. Hugs!

  3. I am so thankful for you! I am so sorry about your husband. I know how difficult it can be to watch the love of your life in pain and struggling. I will continue to pray for BOTH of you. I am so glad that you are surrounded by friends that know you and carry your burdens as their own. It is so good to laugh, it feels so good all the way to our toes. I will remember you to the Healer today!

  4. And I for you dear sister dreamer!
    Ron is continuing to heal...we are so grateful..laughter? it is tonic to my soul (and my toes!)
    Have a wonderful week - will check in with you next week. I love your posts!