Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why I can't Ignore This Dream

It's Tuesday sweet sister dreamers!

For this week's blog Holley asked us:

"We’ve talked a lot about “what” your dream is and now it’s time to tackle the “why” behind it. Why is your dream worth pursuing, fighting for and seeing through no matter what happens? Share your answer in a post then link it up here next Tuesday."

In a Word?  Jesus

Reflecting on the 40 day pursuit of loving Jesus more today than yesterday, and more tomorrow than today, my heart is beating faster as I fix my gaze on Jesus, my Jesus.  

I remember as a teen participating in the live nativity at our church...holding in my arms a baby doll swaddled to resemble Jesus newly born. And then many Easters and the celebrations  of His resurrection.

Our Jesus, bled and died, for you and for me.  He was buried and rose from the grave to pay the price for all our sins. Mind boggling?  Even when He said He would..we are still amazed.  Even after we have read the account in His Word....many, many times, we are still amazed.

Jesus, my Jesus, called me out of one area of ministry and has called me now to walk in His peace and light as a conveyor of the Truth!  

He's put a desire in my heart to follow Him on this adventure...with my heart, my Bible and my Blog.

"Here I am Lord; it is I Lord;  I have heard you calling in the night.
I will follow, where you lead me, I will hold your people in my heart!"


Now it's your turn dear sister...Why are you pursuing the dream God has for you?  Can't wait to read it.

Press on my sister, press on!

Love,  Judy


  1. Hi Judy!I linked up right after you. I'm so glad your heart is to encourage women in their faith. That is my passion, too! :) Blessings to you as you share truth and love through this blog! I, too, have a passion to tell the Truth of who Jesus is!

    1. Blessings Anne! Thank you for your encouragement ! I look forward to reading about your faith adventure!

  2. That's the best reason of all to pursue a dream...simply because of Jesus and all he did for us! I love this post...such wonderful words and reminders. (And I love that song, too...I haven't heard it in so long!) :) Blessings to you, my friend!

    1. As always Mel, you lift my heart and propel me forward to pick up my pen and/or turn on my laptop and write what the Lord puts in my heart! Loved your post as well...for some reason am having a terrible time commenting on your page.

  3. I love your post, Judy! I cannot think of any better dream than loving Jesus, getting closer to Him, and sharing Him with others. I praise the Lord for my sister dreamers. The Jesus thread is there throughout for the desire to have an authentic relationship with Him.

    1. So nice to hear from you Deborah, dear sister dreamer!! Your words keep me focused this morning aqnd grate ful to the Lord to have placed this "community" on Holley's heart! Hugs!