Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Again, I Give Thee Thanks

It's Tuesday and the clock on the bookshelf seems to be on "fast forward".

Where does the time go?  It seems only yesterday I was looking into the face of  my "husband to be" completely taken by his wide smile and kind eyes.  Today 43 years later...I am still a goner!  Thank you Lord for my husband.

I look around at the condition of marriages in the world and the church and my heart grows heavy.  So many start out with unrealistic expectations and when life "happens" too many jump ship.

I understand unrealistic expectations; putting all your eggs in one basket (wierd expression); putting "being happy" above loving your neighbor as yourself. 

I look around at the condition of marriages everywhere and I look toward heaven and look into the eyes of Jesus and ask: "why, Lord....why do so many give up...walk away from their commitments?  Why didn't we when "life happened" to us? 

The only word I keep hearing over and over again is: grace; "if not for grace".

That is it!  God's grace!

Thanks be to you my King for:
Never giving up on us.
Always holding us tight to your heart even when we tried to breakaway.
Teaching me that it is never too late to learn how to love my husband your way.
Giving me a man who is honest, noble, and kind, and loves me even when I am not.
Not holding our sins against us
Showing us by example how to keep our commitment.

My heart is overflowing with thankfulness today.

What are you thankful for?  I'd love to hear back.

Much love,


  1. Beautiful post! Happy Happy Anniversary! It took me by surprise how many years!

    Why don't others last, you ask? Because we were lazier than you to keep your faith in the right place and not think that there was something way better out there. We thought we knew is all and now look at you and Ron and know that you had the wisdom and we were the blinded ones.

    Thank you my friend for your faithfulness to both Jesus and Ron.

  2. My dear sister Karen,
    Thank you for your love and best wishes. It's odd about thankfulness it spills up and over when we least expect it. I've been thinking about Ron and our years together so much over the past several months and our anniversary isn't until the 29th...but I have known him a bit more than 43 years and it was the first time I looked into his eyes that I was remembering in my post. I'm so blessed to be loved by him, by my children and grandchildren, my extended family, and by you and all my friends....all because my Jesus loved me first! What more could a girl want?
    Love you so much!