Sunday, October 9, 2011


A few weeks ago I wrote about how God speaks to me as I read His Word and the hymns His Word inspires. 

A dear friend responded with the following. It was what the Lord had shown her the day before.  I share it here for your encouragement.

These are thoughts that came to me yesterday as I was reading God's Word, Psalm 119.

There is not a place in the Bible that you can read that you can't get something
out of it, because it is God speaking.
It can't be boring, because it is God speaking.
There is not any of it that you can't understand, because it is God speaking.
If you think that you can't understand, ask God to open the eyes of your

If you don't desire God's Word, ask Him to give you the desire.
Ask these also:
Ps 119:27 - make me understand the way of Your precepts.
Ps 119:34 - give me understanding
Ps 119:73 - give me understanding
Ps 119:125 - give me understanding, that I may know Your testimonies
And say like Samuel in I Samuel 3:10 - Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening.

Thank you B for sharing.

Eager to hear from others what God has revealed to you as you've asked Him to open YOUR eyes.

Sending love your way,

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