Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sharing with you friends a  four part message the Lord has asked me to share again.  The posts are from last year.

I have a coffee mug that was given to me by a friend last Christmas.  For most of the past year that mug has been sitting on a top shelf waiting for this Christmas.

A few weeks ago however, my favorite mugs ( the super sized ones) were in the dishwasher.  I had almost determined that I would just have to drink out of a normal sized cup when I remembered that I had stored some mugs over the stove, and was delighted to find what has become - my new favorite - sitting on the shelf.  I had used this mug as decoration last year but now as I calculated it's size and shape, I determined it to be exactly what my hand was hungering to hold.

It's a pretty mug, decorated with beautiful red cardinals and green holly. It has an interesting curved shape and each time I take a swallow of the dark fragrant liquid that helps wake me each morning, I see inscribed on the inside of the cup - " May Peace Be More Than A Season".

That phrase has been rolling over and over in my head for days now.

Peace.  What do I think of when I see or hear the word peace?

For today I leave you with 2 of a number of visuals that make me think of peace:

A baby, sleeping in her crib eyelashes caressing her round cheeks, purses her tiny mouth to utter "coo" and suddenly her rosebud lips curl into a heart-stopping smile.

A classroom of five year olds, who only moments ago were chattering loudly, now sitting "stone still" listening to their beloved teacher read to them from "The Velveteen Rabbit".

It's more than that though.

Where does peace begin?

...........To be continued.

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