Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sights and Sounds of Christmas

Twinkling lights and bright colored ornaments,

Treasured Dreamsicle angel ornaments  dangling from green branches brings years past to mind.

Candles and handmade ornaments brightening the tables prods memories of seasons past when small children sang familiar carols and "Happy Birthday Jesus" on Christmas Day.

The Nativity displayed to remind us it's more than tinsel.  This day we anticipate each year is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and share our joy with others.

A picture flashes through the mind of a little 3 year old on his knees, head bowed and hands clasped in  prayer in front of the baby Jesus laying in a manger at his greatgrandmother's house.

Oh Lord,
My heart is full today.  Thank you.
My memories are better than not so good.

As Mary, on the day so long ago when the Savior of the World came to earth as a bring light in the darkness and joy in sadness; so I shout to my Lord as I breathe in the sights and sounds of the season -

"I am the Lord's slave.  May it be done to me as He has proclaimed." Luke 2

May this year be one of revelation and new surrender for each of us who call Him LORD!


  1. Wonderful!! Blessed by your words!!

  2. Thanks dear Sal, have a wonderful Christmas! Love you