Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Heart Friends - My God-Sized Dream Buddies

It's Tuesday again.  The day I join my "God-Sized Dream" dreamers.

Can't begin to tell each of you how very much your posts are lifting me... to not only peek over the fence of where God has called me but to pull myself up to get a better view.

Over the weekend I wrote an addendum post regarding next steps.  Today I want to introduce you to my Buddy System.

These special ladies and I have walked this path of truth and encouragement for many years.

I am so blessed to have three special ladies who love me and keep God's Word at the forefront of my journey with the Lord.   We have walked many miles and through many life stages and the Lord has held us up and together as we follow Him.  We have stumbled and we have helped one another back on our paths.

Nearly 30 years ago the Lord brought "Barb" into my life.  Our daughters were friends long before we were and one day, one question from B to me was the catalyst which began a life long friendship.
We have grown in our faith together as we have fallen in love with Jesus and His Word.  I can tell her anything and she will not hold it against me but she will tell me when I have gotten off course and not let me take myself too seriously.

I have known Lil nearly as long.  We met during participation in a Heart to Heart program our women's ministry offered.  My mother and grandmother have been in heaven for some time now and as Lil and I spent time together in bible study, hosting women's events together and just doing life together she filled the void I felt in my life without their wisdom to call on.

Rounding out my Buddy System is Lu. We became dear friends as we worked together in ministry and traveling together to women's events and counseling training.  As a retired English teacher, she is an excellent editor and has been a great help to me as I pursue my God-Sized dream.

I thank the Lord continually for putting these treasures in my life.  They inspire me!

Can't wait to read about your buddies sister dreamers.

God bless you.


P.S.  Don't forget to check out my sister dreamers - click on God-Sized Dream link


  1. Sweet Dreamer, I can't tell you what an encourgement your words were to me. I thought most of the dreamers were my daughter's age though that is not a problem it felt a tad lonely. I am glad you are also dreaming and seeking God's dream for you.

  2. I love how God brings friends into our lives, each for a specific reason. You are blessed to have such amazing women to speak Truth into your life. Blessings on your dreams and all God has planned for you! :)

  3. What a blessing to have such good friends! I wish you happy travels on the path with your God-sized dream!

  4. Judy, it's such a joy to hear about friendships like the ones you have--long lasting and true. Thanks for sharing your friends with us!

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  6. Joy! I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy- deep in my heart, deep in my heart - deep in my heart to stay!!!
    Thank you sweet sister dreamers for your words! Words that encorage, inspire and propel! Praying for you today!
    Love you!