Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Letter To The God-Sized Dreamers

Happy Tuesday dear sister dreamers,

How do I love you?  Let me count the ways -

Your faith in the Lord Jesus inspires me to keep moving forward as I struggle putting words on the page.

Your enthusiasm and candor energize me when I feel worn out and used up.

Your God-sized dreams (some that you find yourself living out at this moment) cheer me closer to God's dream for me.

I'm especially encouraged by you, sweet sisters, who are younger and wiser and daring to dream BIG.
It's funny; as I think back to the season of raising children, volunteering and working outside the home as well, with less time, I sometimes think I was able to do more then.  Not so.

I have been a cheerleader to others forever it seems...I enjoy it and have spent a good part of my life cheering other women on.

Sometimes, I need a cheerleader.

Enter Holley...and her posts spoke straight to my heart.

I'm so grateful that God gave Holley this God-Sized Dream....a very BIG dream....sisters in Christ coming together hungry for MORE of God and His dreams for us.   It is all written down for all of us
in her newest book:  "You're Made for a God-Sized Dream"

If you haven't purchased your copy yet.....I encourage you to wait no longer.  It is a book you will read over and over and share with others.

Be encouraged my sisters as you take one more step toward God's dream (s) for you...you are not alone.

The Lord is walking with you and I am following Him as we walk together tooting our trumpets and clanging our cymbals!!!

Don't forget to check out the posts of your sisters and I'd love to hear your comments too.

Love you, Jesus loves you more!



  1. My favorite part of this journey is definitely all of my dreaming sisters who are full of encouragement and inspiration. :) Thank you for this today...your words are a blessing!

    1. Thanks Mel, Tried to read your post for Tuesday and couldn't for some reason.
      Praying for you sister dreamer!

  2. I, too am thanking God for Holley, her words and all my Dreaming Sister. Each one is an inspiration. Thank you for walking along this path with me/us

    1. Thanks Amy, Your encouragement is so appreciated.
      Praying for you.

  3. Thanks for cheering on all of our hearts, Judy!

    1. Cup overflowing Holley. Thank you for taking time to stop by to cheer me on!
      Praying for you.