Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Me Again

Wednesday afternoon, June 12, 2013
2:15 PM

As I begin to write today, to you dear reader, I'm aching to share my heart.  The Lord has been filling my heart and mind with so many images over the past several days that I can barely begin.

I remember when I first put pencil to paper.  I wrote special cards and letters to people in my life when I was a child and throughout my life.  I remember the time, so long ago now when I felt in my heart and spirit that I was meant to write.

Why didn't I?

Distractions of life, and fear.

Time marched on in my life and I began to hunger and thirst for what I discovered only Jesus could give!.

So many encouraged me to write.

Why didn't I?

The voice in my head that kept dissuading me at every opportunity, and fear.

As the months and years passed on the calendar I believed it was time to put up or shut up and so I began writing little and there...on Facebook and on my blog (with stops and starts).

My heart was racing as I studied and read, and wrote, and dreamed and then - out of nowhere it seemed....
health issues interrupted my life !  First mine then my man's. It seems a moment by moment twist and turn.
I stop and realized that I know the only One Who can comfort me and reassure me; I look heavenward.

I have been spending time listening for the voice of God these many months...He has drawn me closer to His heart as He surrounds me with godly sisters and brothers in Christ who help me stay on this road He has called me to travel.

As I've listened to Him, through His Word and to those He has put into my life for this special season I have never felt His love more strongly.

I've concluded that I can no longer expect to tie up these struggles with a pretty bow of self-solution.  No, rather I can say "Yes, Lord!  Not my will Father but Yours be done in my life today.  What pleases you pleases me!  Thank You for the privilege of sharing in your suffering."

May the rest of this week be one of blessing for each of you, my dear friends.

Keep looking up...He is gazing at you, each one, with great joy!

Til next time,

Yours, In Christ,


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