Saturday, September 14, 2013

How's Your Memory????

Friday in Paradise!!  Sun is shining, temperature is rising outside our back door, and I'm thinking of you!

I can picture you in my mind as I think about you all.  Women - all ages, all stages and my mind travels back on stages I have come through to this point in my life.

Every stage of our lives have had bright days and cloudy days.

My memories of early childhood are filled with days playing with my sister and cousin; reading, reading reading; wandering through my grandparent's cornfields; the smell of the barn, strong with chickens no longer there; empty stalls where horses once were housed; making dolls out of hollyhocks that lined the side of the barn.  Those were the days when little girls wore dresses everywhere except when playing  outside in the winter.  We rolled down the hill in our back yard and stopped abruptly at the edge of our garden.  Our garden, overflowing with freshly grown potatoes, corn, onions, lettuce, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, and two rows of pansies and daffodils edging the front side of the garden.  I can still taste the tomatoes fresh off the vine, warm and sweet.  We listened to the radio for entertainment or played hide and seek or tag outdoors and board games around the dining room table.   Uncomplicated days.  The lilac bush planted on the side of our house had the sweetest fragrance; competing for my favorite fragrance were grandma's pies as they baked in her cast iron stove.

I'm so grateful for these memories.  Over the course of time they have served as a reminder of  the blessing of my family and the strong foundation they provided.

What about you dear ones?  Do you have a particular "season" of life that is a tender reminder of blessings?  I'd love to hear about it. 

Until next time, I'm praying for you.

Love you,

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