Monday, November 11, 2013

What Do You Really Need????

It is Saturday, November 9th, 2013 and here in Paradise it is unseasonably warm.  In other parts of our country there is snow and wind, and across the seas, a huge typhoon hit the Phillipines.  So many weather events this past year and with our 21st century technology we are kept alerted of any bad weather, moment by moment.

I'm ready for cooler weather!  My lament for the past 30 years.  What have I been thinking?  Winter is nearly nonexistent and the norm is HOT!

Instead of whining about it what can I do about it?  Maybe use less air conditioning or stay off the highways as much as possible?  Engines generate so much heat after all.  It's a beginning.

We earthlings are strange creatures.  We behave as if the weather should adapt to our likes and dislikes.
Is there a perfect climate?  Maybe..  I don't live there.  Since I do live here, sunny Florida, not planning to leave (until the Lord calls me home)What to do, what to do?

I remember an entire nation that was not content, no matter what.  In the bible we see their discontent in the book of Exodus.  No matter what the Lord did for them they found somethig to whine about.

Slaves in Eqypt.....God guided them to they traveled, their way was difficult.....
Their response to God?  We were better off in Egypt.

God provided manna, enough for every day.....they missed the rich foods of Egypt...more complaining.

Fast forward to 2013..... we can be so like the men and women of the exodus ....... wanting more than God gives.  Easily distracted by our desires for possessions and power, we're very difficult to satisfy.

Oh dear God, forgive us our excesses, our desires for more; more of ____________ (reader, you fill in the blank.)  We want to find our contentment in you.  Help us Jesus to keep our eyes fixed on You, the author and finisher of our faith; to want what You want; to love as You love and to love others as You call us to.  Thank you for pursuing us, for rescuing us from the darkness of this world and for transporting us to Your kingdom of light and love.  In Your name, Amen.


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