Saturday, May 26, 2012


Oh Lord, my heart is full.

Susan called last night and asked me if I could give the devotion this morning…
As always you have given me the PERFECT exhortation to share…..
Two Sundays ago in church our guest speaker’s  message was about LOVE and radical obedience when Jesus calls us to love His children….she shared her own testimony of her latest yes to God.  Ministering to the broken and disenfranchised…women who need the love of Jesus…..women who are selling themselves to live … they need to know they have value in the eyes of God…
Last Sunday the Pastor’s message exhorted us to take our message of love and grace through Christ to the streets, or the park bench, …the commandment to love one another and not just to love those inside the walls of the church.
This morning I opened Facebook and the first “friend status” that I read is about a young woman (her grandaughter), who has just completed her Jr. year of high school and yesterday was awarded the Humanitarian of The Year award for Wireglass High. Chosen out of 500 in her class.
We read the bible and listen as Jesus tells us how to live as His disciple…..and we think….oh Lord, do you want me to do that?  I don’t think I can; or maybe we say…I’m not gifted in that area, I’d rather do this….

From a small child Danielle Weiland heard about Jesus ….. she heard about Him in her home, in her grandparent’s home and in church.  What she heard, what she saw, she took into her young heart and so began her life of esteeming others as more important than herself; denying herself….so others might see and experience the love of Christ.
When she was very young she came home from soccer practice and asked her Mother if she could give her new soccer shoes to a teammate whose shoes were too small and unable to afford new ones.  Her grandparents had just given her brand new shoes.  She wanted her friend to have those shoes…she wore her old shoes. She insisted.
At 11 she asked her parents if instead of a party and gifts for her birthday she’d rather give the money that would be spent for a party to a charity.  She prayed about who to give the money to – she chose the Sanctuary. Every year since she has used her birthday to aid and celebrate others.
She has a very long list of service accomplishments……she wants to help ……. It’s in her DNA.
As Christians it is in our DNA too……”doing good works” is the natural outcome of a heart surrendered to GOD.
The Lord has had me in Matthew for most of the past year, especially the Sermon on the Mount. 
It is so rich……what we are to do and what we aren’t to do.  In re-reading it again this morning my young friend Danielle is living out Jesus’ words as it pertains to selflessness, caring for and reaching out to others.
Yes, Danielle is a very special girl……we don’t want to put her on a pedestal though….but we can be encouraged by her faith, as well be inspired by her…..we can relook at our lives in Christ…the blessings God has given us and spend some time in the word and prayer asking God to make us more like Him……and love others more than ourselves!
May our cry today….be ….thank you Lord for all you’ve done for me….how can I share your blessings with others…show me Lord…show me.
What about you dear reader; how can you share your blessings with others?
Til next time.
Love you,

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