Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Tuesday greetings all,

As I contemplate the day behind me I see how blessed I am.

I have a life I love.  That's right....I love it.

Some days it's like a whirlwind and I have trouble navigating this path the Lord has put me on.

Some days the day is so sweet I can't bear for it to end.

In the midst of every day I remind myself that I am not my own and no matter the "weather report"of my daily life: sunny or stormy I'll never walk alone.

Jesus is the reason I have a smile plastered on my heart.  He is also the reason I can sing, even when life
is not so sweet living in this fallen world.

This moment, this day, this circumstance, is NOT all there is!


One day I will see my Jesus, face to face.....He has promised!

I wonder, do you know where your final destination is?  Is earth your temporary home, serviing and honoring Jesus, while looking forward to your heavenly home??

Dear God, tonight I'm thinking of those who do not know you.  They may know about you; they may even believe you exist....but they do not know you personally.  Would you create a hunger and thirst in these that only you can provide?  Your word says that you don't wish for any to perish....and that you look after your Word to perform it......Thy kingdom come my King, Thy kingdom come!
In the sweet name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


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