Monday, October 15, 2012


Good evening friends,

Pray your day has been balanced with something you love to do and something you need to learn.

Yesterday my guy and I had an early supper since we had skipped lunch.  I so wanted a good juicy hamburger and some onion rings; both no-no foods (especially when my stomach had been bothering me.)  A couple of hours after we ate I was miserable.   The thing is, if I had made a wiser choice it could have been avoided.  To compound my misery I kept waking up during the night and finally after trying to get back to sleep for more than an hour and being prevented by the racing of my mind I decided that I needed to open God's Word, pray and/or listen to one of my favorite instrumental praise CDs.

Have you ever experienced a night like I did; when you couldn't get your thoughts under control?
It's very unsettling isn't it?  Even when we know that our God is with us; even when we know He will never leave us nor forsake us; sometimes our thoughts and feelings overtake our hearts and we must consciously make a choice to believe that we are safe and secure in His love.

Time listening to His voice through Hs Word and hearing sweet notes of favorite praise hymns settled my mind....I remembered I was not given a confused mind, NO.  I was given a sound mind, one that is able to thinks as Jesus would. 

I have the mind of Christ!

Thank you Jesus, that: "In peace I will both lie down, and sleep; for you alone O Lord make me to dwell in safety." (Psalm 34:8) Thank you too that you give Your angels charge over me, and all my sisters, to guard us in all our ways. (Psalm 91:11) In Jesus' name, Amen



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